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    A Few Skin and Hair Care I Like – Blue Edition

    It has been a really busy few weeks as I had and still have to attend to some family matters and visiting in-laws. Truth be told, I’ve been feeling a little down lately so I thought I might as well review some “blue” hair and skin care to hopefully chase the blues away because these are products I actually enjoy using. This doesn’t make sense but let’s just go with it, okay?

    ♦ Laneige Water Bank Hydro Essence – I’ve repurchased this essence twice before. I use it like a serum and usually apply it after a toner or a more watery essence and before a moisturiser. It seems to hydrate my skin relatively well and is quite a light serum. I like that it’s not tacky and absorbs fairly quickly. Not sure if I’d repurchase it again because I’ve recently discovered quite a few other essences or serums that I prefer.

    ♦ Laneige Water Bank Gel Cream – I got this a few months ago and they may have discontinued or repackaged this moisturiser recently. This is a pretty decent moisturiser and has a soft gel-cream consistency. It feels lightweight and absorbs quite well. I like using it as a daytime moisturiser and it helps keep my face moisturised through the day. It has a fresh scent that dissipates after a while. It’s a good moisturiser for combination skin but it does contain silicones, if you’re particular about that.

    ♦ Hada Labo Perfect UV Gel – This is quite possibly my current favourite all-rounder sunscreen. I’ve repurchased this countless times, which goes to show how much I like it. It’s a lightweight sunscreen that comes out in a gel-cream consistency. It helps protect my skin and I even use it on my neck and arms, which is why I run out of this stuff quite quickly. It does contain alcohol but most Japanese sunscreens do anyway. I don’t find it drying as long as my face is moisturised well. It does leave a slightly shiny finish on the skin, which I don’t mind at all.

    ♦ Kose Sekkisei Sun Protect Essence Gel – This is a really nice sunscreen and although it’s part of Kose’s “whitening” range, I don’t find it to be whitening at all. But that’s not the main reason why I get skincare. This sunscreen has a gel-cream consistency, which happens to be my preferred consistency in most skincare, and feels a bit more hydrating. It also leaves a shiny finish (more than the Hada Labo one) but I usually wear a bit of base makeup on the top, so it does take away a bit of the shine. Most Japanese sunscreen formulations are more cosmetically elegant than Western ones and it’s for this reason that I’ll stick to Japanese or Korean sunscreens.

    ♦ Pyungkang Yul Essence Toner – I’ve done a quickie review on this toner here and have nothing much to add except to say how much I truly enjoy using this. It absorbs well and makes my skin feel soft after patting some on. This may be my favourite Korean toner so far.

    ♦ Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Mask – This was a pretty recent purchase. I’ve been on a lookout for good and affordable overnight masks and read many good things about this. It comes out in a gel-cream texture and feels quite thick and hydrating when applied. I apply this mask in place of moisturiser and leave it overnight. My skin feels quite soft and looks a bit brighter in the morning.

    ♦ Bumble and Bumble Bb Don’t Blow It Hair Styler – This is a styling cream that is meant to be applied on wet hair and left to air dry to give it that “beachy vibe”. It works a lot better on layered hair, which reminds me that I need a haircut soon.

    Have you tried any of these products and do you see a favourite in here? Let me know in the comments below.

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    Some New and Old Favorites

    Hello, everyone and welcome to my brand new blog! I didn’t know what to write as a first post so I thought of just going through a few products I’ve been enjoying today. Some are new discoveries but a few are my beauty staples that I have with me at all times.

    I guess I should tell you a little bit about my skin type too (if you have not checked out my About page yet). I have sensitive, dehydrated skin and have been treating the dehydration for a few months. I think it’s been fairly successful because my skin has finally stopped flaking largely due to the toner / lotion things I’ve been slapping (quite literally) on my face in my day and night routines.

    [long post ahead!]