MOTD: Quick Lunch and Grocery Run

Quite honestly, I didn’t use to wear any makeup when I’m going out for a quick bite or even to get groceries. But I’ve been enjoying getting back into a beauty routine that I’ll just pop on something light and simple for a regular day.

♦ Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Beauty Booster – I guess this was Guerlain’s take on BB cream. It provides medium coverage but can get a bit cakey if too much is applied. I use very little, barely a pump for my entire face and use my fingers to lightly tap/pat onto my skin. The coverage is pretty good.

♦ Cezanne Cheek Stick – This cutie makes another appearance this week because I don’t have many cream/gel blushes at the moment and have been enjoying this quite a bit. I love, love, love peachy, coral shades on my face and need to add more cream blush to my collection.

♦ Nars The Multiple in Copacabana – I forgot I had this and just rediscovered it a couple of nights ago. It’s a beautiful opalescent, champagne stick highlighter that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and lips. I rub a tiny bit onto my finger and dab on my cheekbones. I can be directly applied for a stronger effect.

♦ Shu Uemura Eyeshadow and Brush 6.0B – I’ve had this duo for ages. It’s my preferred way of filling in my brows. It’s quick and looks natural. I really like the brush too.

♦ Catrice Lip Treatment – A new drugstore discovery! It contains shea butter to soften and moisturise lips and is a pretty decent lipbalm / treatment. I also like using it at night and like how it sinks into my lips without leaving a sticky layer on top.

What are you wearing today? Do share if you have any daily must-haves and old or new favorites.

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