How Nars Ignited Eyeshadow Palette Reignited My Love For Beauty

I haven’t really been up-to-date on the beauty beat since 2014 and it wasn’t until I decided to reboot my blog that I started taking a bit more interest to see what’s been going on lately. I came across the Nars Ignited palette on a few of my favorite blogs but didn’t think I’ll be able to find and test it in person because it’s not exactly a new release (came out late 2018).

So imagine my surprise when I sorta stumbled upon it at the Nars Boutique in Mid Valley Mall, just as I was about to leave. I wasn’t even looking and was in fact swatching and eyeing a few other palettes and blush. I was suuuuuuuper excited! You see, I have always loved coral and pink eyeshadows. And I just found out that “living coral” is the Pantone 2019 color of the year, which explains why I have been seeing a ton of coral makeup everywhere. I guess it’s just my year!

The palette is housed in a hard and sturdy plastic case without any of that rubbery, silicone stuff that Nars is known for. That rubber packaging is seriously a huge pet peeve of mine and I was so glad this palette didn’t come in it.

It has a mix of matte, shimmery and glittery shades. The mattes are from their permanent collection except the ones in this palette were reformulated and the shimmers/glitters are limited edition. The texture of the matte and shimmer shades are generally smooth but the glittery ones are a bit harder. The shadows can be used dry or wet (especially the glitters) for a stronger pop.

*sorry about the crappy swatches… I’m a little rusty*

There is a bit of fallout expected from the glitters but I didn’t experience much. I used the shadows dry on primed lids and it stayed put for many hours. The richer shades are of course more pigmented but I love the lighter shades for a little sparkle.

*sorry about the creasy eyes… I’m 40-something and have lines*

I used St Paul de Vence 1 all over my lids, Sophia on the outer to shade, Supernova in the middle and Atomic for a bit of bling and on the inner corner.

I love, love, love these colors! I can see myself using this palette a lot.

This was such a fabulous welcome back to the land of beauty blogging!

Have you tried the Nars Ignited palette yet? Are you a fan of coral or pink eyeshadows too? What are your favorites? Do share in the comments below as I’d love to hear your thoughts.

You can find the Nars Ignited Eyeshadow Palette at the Nars Boutique at Mid Valley (and probably Pavilion). Each palette is RM245 for 12 individual shades. It’s limited edition so it’s subject to availability.


  • Hanna

    I’m more into earthy/golden shades as they suit my dark skin better. I haven’t got this NARS palette but does it count if I say I successfully scored the limited edition MACxAladdin palette?! 😁 im not MAC fan but a long time Disney’s Aladdin fan!

    Ah…the old days of beauty-blogging. I miss those times. I also got back to (personal) blogging for a few years now, though to be honest I find it difficult to post consistently. 😝

    • prettyloopy

      I’ve seen the MACxAladdin palette and it is pretty! I can see why you got it. As for me, I’m trying to collect a few peach-coral-pink eye palettes whilst they are still on trend. I don’t think I can blog very consistently either but am just pretty much blogging as and when I have something to blog about. Takes a load of pressure away rather than having “scheduled posts”.

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