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    Chanel Ombre Premiere vs. Illusion d’Ombre Cream Eyeshadow Comparison

    I am a fan of cream eyeshadows and one of my favourites is from Chanel. I’ve collected a few shades in the older Illusion d’Ombre formula and recently purchased one in the newer Ombre Premiere formula. There are differences to the two and below is a quick comparison between them.

    • Chanel Ombre Premiere in 838 Ultra Flesh vs. Chanel Illusion d’Ombre in 88 Abstraction

    ♦ Packaging: They come in similar boxes but the Chanel logo on the newer Ombre Premiere is in gold. The mini brushes included are also different. The old one is a synthetic angled brush because the Illusion d’Ombre formula was also marketed as an eyeliner. The new brush is definitely a bit more practical and is in a proper eyeshadow brush shape. I believe it’s made of natural hairs too. Truth be told, I’ve never used any of the included brushes because they are so small and dinky.

    ♦ Texture: They both apply smoothly and are relatively pigmented. I use my fingers to apply because it’s just easier. A brush is good for creating sheer washes over the lids. Although there’s shimmer and glitter (in the older formula), it never feels gritty. Both formulas are soft to the touch and feels mousse-like. Although my Illusion d’Ombre pots are a few years old, they have minimal dry out and are still usable.

    ♦ Finish: This is where they differ. The finish of the older formula or at least the ones I have, are more shimmery and glittery, so they are perfect as a topper. The new formula is definitely a bit more subdued. Some of the new ones have a demi-matte or satin finish with little shimmer. They both have a somewhat powder finish but the newer one is definitely a bit more dry and long-lasting, which is why I prefer it as a base.

    Overall, I like these cream shadows because they are perfect on its own or as a base. Not to mention that they are also multi-purpose because you can use it on the face and lips too. I’ve used the Illusion d’Ombre in Abstraction (shown in this post) as a cheek highlight and it is really quite pretty.

    It is difficult to pick which I prefer because I like both formulas for different reasons. I do plan to pick up another Ombre Premiere to add to my collection because I saw so many pretty, wearable shades that I know would work just as well.

    Have you tried the Chanel or other brands cream eyeshadows before? What are your favourites? Do share in the comments below.

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    How Nars Ignited Eyeshadow Palette Reignited My Love For Beauty

    I haven’t really been up-to-date on the beauty beat since 2014 and it wasn’t until I decided to reboot my blog that I started taking a bit more interest to see what’s been going on lately. I came across the Nars Ignited palette on a few of my favorite blogs but didn’t think I’ll be able to find and test it in person because it’s not exactly a new release (came out late 2018).

    So imagine my surprise when I sorta stumbled upon it at the Nars Boutique in Mid Valley Mall, just as I was about to leave. I wasn’t even looking and was in fact swatching and eyeing a few other palettes and blush. I was suuuuuuuper excited! You see, I have always loved coral and pink eyeshadows. And I just found out that “living coral” is the Pantone 2019 color of the year, which explains why I have been seeing a ton of coral makeup everywhere. I guess it’s just my year!